I am so excited to get this out into the world.

I didn’t just decide one day to write this book – the events and circumstances in my life begged for it. You see I’ve got some serious ‘street cred’ when it comes to Sh*t Going Sideways – but I always find the light. Read on, I’ll explain.

I help women (and men) choose joy through soul-centered navigation

It was out of my own deep personal loss and challenges that I developed the secrets to survive life change and loss so that those navigating life when sh*t goes sideways would remember their inner guidance system, trust their connection to the Universe, and find joy within the chaos.


So, go all in. I do.

In this book I set out to bring you into my world while helping you shine your light on your own. I’ve naturally been one to find the cracks of light, even in the darkness. Sure, it has not always been in the exact moment when life feels like it’s crumbling, but it happens somewhere along the path back home. In these pages I share some light stories that I hope will make you laugh, but I also want to bring you deep into some of my heavy, Universe-tilting losses. I share this all with love and the wish that you will see yourself in these stories, you will remember your inner wisdom, and you’ll find your own joy.

Use this book to reconnect with all the parts of you and to expand your views and understanding of your physical and nonphysical worlds. These exercises and reflections will encourage you to be your own guru, your own guide, and your own touchstone. They will also remind you that we are born into families and communities and that we thrive with dynamic and healthy relationships. We are stronger together. Lean on each other but drive from a place within. We are here to raise our frequency together, to share the lessons, love, and joy. We are here to support each other.

7 Secrets to Survive

When Sh*t Goes Sideways lays out the 7 secrets to survive life change and loss.

This book is a journey of remembering your connection and your true power. You’ll learn how to tap into your inner wisdom, to trust your connection with your Universe, and to find joy within the chaos.

When Sh*t Goes Sideways is a manifesto for Soul-Centered Navigation for Life. In these pages, you’ll learn to:

  • Tap into your intuition
  • Feel guided by your own purpose
  • Feel confident in the messages you receive
  • Remember your connection to your Self, the Universe and each other
  • Drive life from your heart
  • Remember the feeling of being whole, connected, joyful, and enough
  • Move forward and find joy within the chaos
  • Validate your mystical experiences
  • Know you are not alone
  • Hear and trust your soul’s voice

What readers are saying:

“When Sh*t Goes Sideways is a refreshing and enlightening kick in the ass. Through expression of her own personal stories of tragedies, obstacles, and setback the author provides outstanding strategies for attaining a life free from self-imposed blocks so many entrepreneurs place on themselves – myself included. It is both smart and logical mixed with the perfect amount of mysticism that is sure to inspire even the most skeptic critics. The self-reflection exercises included in each chapter allows the reader to jump in with both feet and make this book their own personal guide to clarity. For those willing to truly take a journey to freedom from self-imposed limiting beliefs, this is a MUST read.“

Sara Asadoorian, L.Ac., Dipl-Ac, CSCS, Sports medicine therapist, licensed acupuncturist and owner of Advantage Sports

“When Sh*t Goes Sideways is a breath of fresh air! The book interweaves personal experiences with the tools needed to find your Self, with a capital “S!” I found Ms. Tripodi’s approach to be honest and accepting. I identify with my Catholic faith and Ms. Tripodi’s steps allow me to maintain my faith while exploring other parts of my identity. The steps won’t replace but can only strengthen my faith AND my spirituality. As a mother, she takes us places that we’ve all been and places that we’d never want to go but through her honesty and with her intuition, she gives us the power to connect with who we really are. I like that I can revisit the chapters and the steps and discover different pieces of myself. One of my favorite lessons in the book is “You are responsible for the frequency you broadcast.” (Tripodi p.68) With the help of When Sh*t Goes Sideways, I can continue to work on what I broadcast to others, and to myself. Definitely a great way to start a new year!“

Heidi Titus

Implementing these secrets will change everything. You’ll trust your perspective and your intuition. You’ll mine your own soul for solutions before grasping outside of yourself for answers. You’ll tap into an infinite source of wisdom and love.
This new navigation system will become your go-to in difficult times and you’ll know intuitively how to step forward and drive your life choices from your heart.
As you explore these concepts and secrets, linger as long as you’d like. Mull them over. Make notes. Come back to these ideas and apply them to your experiences. This kind of journey changes and becomes more faceted as your life experience and understanding changes. Return to sections and cull deeper for more insight.
My understanding of the secrets grows each year. The beauty of this kind of work, is that it continues to expand with you. Review your Exercises & Reflections over time. Appreciate where you’ve seen more freedom and growth and notice which ideas you want to revisit.
Navigate with friends. Because expansion and freedom love community. Collect your tribe and start a book club. Sharing insights with a trusted group of friends raises everyone’s vibration.

For ongoing connection to the larger tribe


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Things are great right now, do I need this book?

Yes. Because let’s be clear, the chaos is real and learning the secrets now, will help you process the past and navigate the future.

What if I want to gift coupies?

We are so glad you asked. Expansion loves company!

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About The Author

A Different Kind of Healer

Jeanine Tripodi | Certified Consulting Hypnotist | Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher

Jeanine uses her intuition, Reiki energy healing, hypnosis, and other modalities to deliver the gift of energy healing and to help people realize their own connection with their higher selves and their guides/angels, and in all of it, help them to discover the voice of their soul.

Through her story, tools and techniques she empowers others to trust their inner guidance system.

Her sessions, workshops, retreats and programs are infused with her own personal style and spiritual straight talk.

Paperback – January 3, 2020

When Sh*t Goes Sideways: Soul-Centered Navigation for Life